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ワールドラボ “ハイクオリティ歯科技工部門”




A reason to Smile


At Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory, we provide functional aes thetic dental prostheses for patients with concerns regarding cosmetic issues such as tooth alignment and color, as well as functional issues such as occlusion and pronunciation. Not only do we take the utmost care in achieving aesthetic beauty, but we also take great care in achi eving ideal occlusion, fit(absolute precision resulting in zero gaps between teeth), pronunciation, and gingival health (no blackening or swelling of the gums) for each patient. We also t ake great pride in our use of highly biocompatible materials. Additionally, we strive to acco unt for the individuality of each patient, taking into consideration factors such as the patient’s personality and his or her distinct facial features.


Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory

林 直樹
Naoki Hayashi RDT, MDC,


Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory

夛田 博知
Hiroaki Tada


コンピューターテクノロジーの進化により、歯科の分野でもコンピュータによる補綴物の製作が進んでいます。しかしながら、コンピュータによる全ての計測と具現化は不可能です。そこにはやはり、人の手でしか創りだす事ができない多くの要素があります。Ultimate Stylesの歯科技工士は、豊富な経験と治療分析データを元に綿密な治療プランニングを行い、患者様おひとりおひとりに合った歯を具現化していきます。歯科治療は人と人がなすべきものに変わりありません。世界唯一と呼ばれる技術により、世界中の歯科医師、患者様からの製作依頼が後を絶ちません。また世界各国の国際歯科学会にて毎年15講演以上の招聘を受け発表を行い、国際誌においての論文を過去50本以上数執筆されています。

By a technique called the world's only, the world of the dentist, donot cut off the later production request from the patient. Also made a presentation received the invitation of more than 15 lectures every year at the International Dental Society of the world, the paper in international journals has been the number written over the past 50 lines. The evolution of computer technology, we are willing to manufacture of the prosthesis by the computer in the field of dentistry. However, realization with all the measurement by computer is impossible. There still is in, there are many factors that can not begin to create only in the hands of the people. U ltimate Styles of dental technician performs an in-depth treatment planning based on the wealth of experience and treatment analysis data, will continue to embody the suits teeth to patients you alone you alone. Dental treatment is no different to what should be done is person-to-person.